Wednesday 28 October 2015

Spain: Pre-trial detention of anarchist prisoners Monica Caballero & Francisco Solar extended

Received on 29.10.15 (slightly edited for clarity):

On Tuesday 27 a court case was held where it was decided if they extend the pre-trial detention of Monica and Francisco or to release them on bail pending trial. Bail was rejected and their detention has been extended.

Although the Spanish legislation provides for two years as the maximum time a person can remain in pre-trial detention, the State has the possibility to extend it (arguing some sort of exception in the case) beyond two years, and has done so.

Two years ago, on 13 November 2013 the two comrades were arrested along with three others. Monica and Francisco are awaiting trial on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization and conspiracy to cause havoc.

The same day as the court's resolution, 9 more anarchists were detained in a new blow to the anarchist movement. In Barcelona and Manresa ten warrants were served on houses and social spaces.

Despite this we just have to roll with the punches and keep going, showing our comrades that they are not alone and that our solidarity will not cease.


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Greece: The persecution of the families of political prisoners by the state continues

The following information comes to us via BlackCat; a sociologist, translator and writer from Greece. 

Female relatives and partners of prisoners are still being targeted by the Greek state in an effort to isolate prisoners and repress solidarity movements. Women are seen as an 'easy target' whose repression facilitates the prevalence of a climate of fear impeding the struggles against injustice.

Maria Theofilou, the sister of anarchist communist author and political prisoner Tasos Theofilou was arrested and imprisoned despite the law passed by the so-called 'leftist' Syriza government decriminalizing family relations of political prisoners and despite the recent hunger strike staged by anarchist Evi StatiriEvi Statiri was arrested and imprisoned under the same conditions as Maria with the excuse of family relations which are supposedly now decriminalized by law.

Maria has been in detention for over a month now because of her relationship with her partner G. Petrakakos and her brother Tasos. Maria was specifically asked about her incarcerated brother during her interrogation by police and then her detention was ordered. 

No matter how cruel the repressive tactics used to create this climate of fear, people will resist as they are left with no other choice.


The counter-terrorism unit raided the home of the Theofilou family

The vengeful treatment of prisoners' families and relatives continues and the Theofilou family is at the epicenter of this tactic, despite the law reforms enacted by Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos that forbid the criminalization of family relations.

On Monday, 5th of October, around 2pm, 7-8 men of the counter-terrorism unit intruded the residence of the parents of Tassos and Maria Theofilou, while other officers had remained outside.

According to Mrs. Theofilou, the men were conducting a search for four hours and were disrupting and destroying everything inside the rooms. They confiscated the family's personal computer, old mobile phones, keys and irrelevant documents such as addresses and phone numbers of friends of the family, as well as documents regarding the ownership of land and the correspondence between Maria and Tassos.

Because of the unexpected police raid, Mrs. Theofilou was forced to arrange for her two grandchildren (the children of Maria, aged two and four) to remain at a local park for four hours until the search was over.

The counter-terrorism units stated that the search was ordered by the 17th investigator who is in charge of the case of Tassos' sister. Maria was arrested, remanded and faces serious charges for participation in an unknown terrorist organization, without any incriminating evidence at hand, except her relationship to her partner and father of her children G. Petrakakos.

After Maria Theofilou's prosecution, her attorney, Spyros Phytrakis stated that the facts  contained in the case file are not indicative that "we are dealing with a terrorist organization." In reference to the 36 year-old woman, he said:

"None of the added evidence proves that the two guns found in a wardrobe within the house were used by the woman, or that she was aware of them being kept there, or that she committed a delinquent act. Having two children with a man who has engaged in delinquency is not a crime. That was typical of a different time in the past. I hope that the interrogation will not cause problems to the woman and the two underage children."

A similar intrusion of the counter-terrorism unit took place at an empty house owned by the family in the city of Volos.


The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry demands the release of detainee Maria Theofilou

Athens, 7th of October 2015

Dr. Argyris Argyriades

We have systematically clarfied that the penalization of family relations and their use to reinforce an indictment is a constitutional construct that characterizes totalitarian regimes. It constitutes the most barbaric institutional process and practice.

Another typical example is the new ''grand success'' of the police in the arrest and detention of Mrs Maria Theofilou, a young mother of two toddlers (aged two and four) who is indicted on charges of being an accomplice of her partner and father of her children. This is a flagrantly unlawful prosecution of a relative which has taken place despite the law prepared by Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos, that forbids this kind of treatment against relatives.

We consider the violent removal of the mother away from her children a psychologically pressurizing event bearing traumatic consequences to the mother as well as the children, since it contributes to separation anxiety. The dependence of toddlers at the age of two and even four on their mother is a very normal response based on the instict of survival. Children internalize  the safety that stems from the mother's love and care, a process that was disrupted abruptly in this case. As the counter-terrorism unit raided the home of Maria's parents, her mother was forced to arrange that the children stayed away at a local park for four hours, which only made the situation worse.

We insist once again that the case against Mrs Maria Theofilou is the practical expression of  institutional retribution of justice. It is obvious that her prosecution and detention resulted from her family relations. According to anthropologists all people are relatives of each other, which is why Maria's case is relevant to all of us.

We demand the immediate release of Maria Theofilou in order for her to reunite with her two children.


The Initiative for Prisoners' Rights demands the release of Maria Theofilou

The life choice of a husband or the accidental fact of parental or any kind of relationship to defendants continues to amount to incriminating evidence and has become the focal point for the expression of vengeful and inhumane treatment by the authorities based on a new kind of statutory familial co-responsibility.

The pre-trial detention and ill-treatment of defendants' families is not something new, it's a tactic that has been deployed for years in order to inflict psychological pressure and fear in defendants. The most recent case was that of Evi Statiri who remained in detention for six months until she became released following a geat struggle she carried through hungerstrike. The only incriminating evidence in Evi Statiri's case was the fact that she is the wife of political prisoner and member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Gerasimmos Tsakalos.

The case of Maria Theofilou is even more unfair and vengeful on the part of the authorities, since the outcomes  affect both of her children. Maria Theofilou - from the day she was pilloried when her photographs appeared in mass media- was remanded and her relationship to her husband and father of her two under-aged children (2 and 4 years old), G. Petrakakos, was used as ''evidence''.

It is obvious that for the authorities the separation of the two small children from their mother was not enough, despite the fact that at this age separation can be be a cause of trauma. This inhumane treatment goes to extremes when, in complete disregard for the children as well as Maria's parents, the police raided her parent's home resulting in the two toddlers having to stay at a park for four hours, which is how long the raid by the counter-terrorism unit lasted.

The most solid proof of the arbitrariness exhibited by the judicial and investigative authorities is the clear violation of the amendment introduced in the bill for prison reform voted in April 2015, which clarifies that family relations cannot be penalized.

For all these reasons analyzed above, the Initiative for Prisoners' Rights demands:

- that the prosecution and vengeful treatment against prisoners' families must be stopped
- adherence to the amendment of Minister of Justice Paraskevopoulos which de-penalizes family relations 
- the immediate release of Maria Theofilou as a family member of a defendant and as a mother of two under-aged toddlers.



Maria Theofilou on her pre-trial detention and the effect on her children

Since Tuesday, September 29th, after five days of detention in the Counter-terrorism jail, I have been remanded in the women's section of Korydallos prison. The series of charges I am facing essentially occurred from harbouring my Partner.

Our children 2 and 4,5 years old had to endure the violent moment of their father's arrest but mainly the frightening experience of the attack against them since there were guns pointed at the four of us with excessive violence the moment we got in our car. These events along with the violent separation and weaning as well as the deprivation of both their parents pose a great risk to their mental health.

I would like to clarify that the only incriminating evidence against me, based on which my pre-trial detention was decided,  was my relationship with my brother who is incarcerated in Domokos prison. It's worth noting that the final question I was asked by the interrogator and the prosecutor with a great amount of irony and satisfaction, as if this was proof of my guilt, was whether I have any siblings and where my brother is currently.

Considering that there is no evidence against me, I am asking for my temporary detention to be terminated so that I can return to my children. I am asking for an end to this vengeful prosecution and a treatment based on evidence and not my family relationships.

Maria Theofilou






Sunday 25 October 2015

Spain: Case review of anarchist prisoners Monica Caballero & Francisco Solar, 27.10.15

Internationalist anarchist solidarity with the insurgent comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, kidnapped by the Spanish state since November 2013!

Received on 26.10.15, slightly edited for clarity:


Tuesday, October 27. 9:00 am. C / C Genoa / Farcía Gutierrez. National audience. (Madrid)

On Tuesday October 27 the hearing of two of the arrested in the case of November 2013 is at the National Court. After spending nearly two years on remand, (November 13 completes two years), the judges will have to decide if they extend the two year custody or give bail to those awaiting trial.

Therefore, this Tuesday at 9:00 we will be with them at the gates of the court, because they are not alone, because we will not cease our solidarity.

They can lock us up but it will not stand.


If they enact the extension of preventive detention gather at 20:00 pm in the Plaza de Tirso de Molina




– 09:00H

Este martes 27 de octubre se celebrará la vista de lxs compañerxs Monica Caballero y Francisco Solar detenidos en noviembre de 2013 en la Audiencia Nacional.

Tras pasar casi dos años en prisión preventiva, (el 13 de noviembre cumplirían los dos años), tendrán que resolver si les prorrogan la prisión preventiva dos años más o les dan la libertad provisional a espera de juicio.

or ello, este martes a las 9:00 estaremos con ellos a las puertas de la audiencia, porque no están solos, porque no van a conseguir frenar nuestra solidaridad.

Podrán detenernos, pero no pararnos.


Si decretan la prórroga de la prisión preventiva nos vemos todos a las 20:00 de la tarde en la Plaza de Tirso de Molina

(via Insurrection News)

Greece: Interview with anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos [PDF Book]

PDF booklet of an extensive interview with anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos put together by Act For Freedom Now website.

Nikos Romanos was a model teenager, a good student from the bourgeoisie, son of a well-known novelist, until on December 6, 2008 he was involved in a traumatic event. His best friend, the young anarchist Alexandros Grigoropoulos (15 years) falls under the bullets of the police in the streets of Athens. Shot in the heart, he dies in his arms. This event leads to some of the most intense urban riots of the early 21st century in the West, and Nikos is already there on the front line that same evening, enraged, dignified in the face of the media (total rejection), and respected by comrades despite his young age.

To the rhythm of the backlash from the Greek anarchist movement, Nikos is forever changed by this experience, immediately throwing himself headlong into the anarchist struggle, until his arrest five years later after a double armed robbery in the Kozani region. He is tortured and accused of belonging to the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (armed anarchist-nihilist organization), which he denies, whereas he takes responsibility for the robberies (and their need in order to spread anarchy). He and his five co-accused Giannis Michailidis, Dimitris Politis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Argyris Dalios and Fivos Charisis, maintain a confrontational attitude towards justice throughout, but Argyris Dalios and Fivos Charisis categorically deny ALL charges in relation to the Velventos case. However, on October 1st 2014, they are all declared guilty of the robberies and each is sentenced to fifteen years’ prison. All six of them were acquitted of alleged involvement in the CCF.

Nikos Romanos has also claimed responsibility for four incendiary actions.


Wednesday 21 October 2015

USA: Transgender anarchist prisoner Amazon is on Hunger Strike and needs support!

Amazon, a trans woman from Gender Anarky imprisoned in California, began a hunger strike the morning of October 7, 2015 for transfer to a women's prison. Amazon is legally a woman. In January 2015, Amazon's birth certificate was amended by the Office of Vital Records in Sacramento to record her sex as "female." Under a new law signed by the governor, transgender prisoners no longer need full sex-reassignment surgery to amend their vital records, but instead a doctor's declaration of transition to reflect their current gender. Amazon accomplished this. She then applied for a transfer to a women's prison. The prison required Amazon to present her new birth certificate. However, prison rules prohibit inmates from possessing birth certificates and Amazon asked the prison to verify the document with the Office of Vital Records. The prison refused to do so. Amazon then attempted to file a grievance over the issue, but she was again required to produce her birth certificate to pursue a grievance. This is an example of the notorious mind games that prison officials play on inmates to suppress legitimate issues and prevent them from seeking an administrative resolution of the problem.

Without other speedy recourse and thoroughly frustrated with the system, Amazon began a hunger strike. She has been trying since January to transfer and has been prevented unrealistically every step of the way by prison officials out of plain cruelty. She is under tremendous pressure, has anguished and cried. Almost daily she is mistreated by prison guards and inmates because of her female presentation, including sexual mistreatment. She remains determined and steadfast and will not stop her efforts and resistance, whatever it takes. Amazon is now 61 years of age and the stress and strain of hunger strike will be on her more than during her previous strike years ago. However, the last straw has given way and she is determined to stick it out and not begin eating again until she is issued paperwork for a transfer to a women's prison. She will endure force-feeding if necessary, but this is her position.

Contact the warden of Kern Valley State Prison, Martin Biter, to inquire why he is keeping a legal female in a men's prison against her will and why he won't verify her legal gender on her birth certificate with the Office of Vital Records in Sacramento, and demand that Amazon be transferred to a women's prison immediately. The phone number for Kern Valley State Prison is (661) 721-6300.

Send the same message to the Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Jeffrey Beard, at department headquarters in Sacramento. He can be contacted at (916) 323-6001.

Contact Amazon at:
Eva Contreraz #C45857
P.O. Box 5103
Delano, CA 93216

(via Anarchist News)

Thursday 15 October 2015

Chile: House arrest status of anarchist Javier Pino revoked after appeal by prosecution

Received and translated on 16.10.15:

On October 8th anarchist prisoner Javier Pino, accused along with anarchist Natalia 'Tato' Collado of an incendiary attack against a Transantiago bus in Santiago last April, was released from prison under house arrest by order of a judge. However, on Thursday October 15th his house arrest status was revoked due to an appeal by the prosecution at the Santiago Court of Appeals. This means that the anti-authoritarian comrade has been ordered to return to Santiago Prison Number 1 to await trial.

More information to come soon.


India: Call for International Solidarity with Irom Sharmila, on Hunger Strike for 15 years!

On 2nd Nov 2015, Irom Sharmila will be completing 15 years of hunger strike to demand the Repeal of AFSPA, or Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

Irom Sharmila’s hunger strike is now the longest running hunger strike in the world.

AFSPA is responsible for human rights violations in the Indian North East and Jammu & Kashmir, and is used to cover up hundreds of reported fake killings, rapes, disappearance and torture cases by the Indian Army.

No justice has been meted out to the murderers, as under AFSPA, security personnels are free to shoot to kill, with unchecked powers.

Irom Sharmila is demanding a repeal of this act through her peaceful hunger strike. The Indian Government has ignored her fast, and has instead, arrested and put her in jail under section 309, for attempt to suicide. 

To mark Irom Sharmila’s 15 years of hunger strike and to salute her spirit to fight for this cause, activists are calling a Nationwide Protest to repeal AFSPA.

We are inviting individuals and organizations throughout the world to collaborate with us and to make it a joint effort.

On 1st/2nd Nov, we all may do one or more things in our cities to express our solidarity:

Submission of Memorandum to Prime Minister of India through a district magistrate
Submission of Memorandum to a local Member of Parliament to speak on this issue in
Parliament and within the party leadership he/she is member with
Candlelight vigil/torch rally in your city
Organizing a protest/demonstration/rally/busk/public film screening/distributing pamphlets/painting a mural/get creative!
Observing a one-day hunger strike in solidarity with Irom Sharmila’s 15 year long struggle
Photos/videos/articles about your protest to share with the world

We will be documenting the protest; please send photos/articles/videos/more ideas to eyeartcollective (at)

Show Irom Sharmila that you stand with her!
Show her your solidarity on the 1st and 2nd of November!

Go on hunger strike with us, wherever you are. Go out on the streets. Write on the walls. Host a film screening. Protest. Demonstrate. And then document it. Write about it. Share it with us.
Every angry fist counts!

#India #Worldwide


If you wish to create a separate event for a protest/rally/demonstration/etc in your city, please please do so, and give us the link to the event so that we can add it below with the name of the city. Thank you!

Facebook Event Page HERE

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